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Pratiyogi is #1 study network connecting students, teachers and institutes. Excel with our study tools, and put an end to competition!

Recruiting with Pratiyogi Careers gives you access to an exclusive pool of top tier college students, tailored to your geographic and profile needs.

We provide introductions and a channel of communication to the country’s most elite college students and graduates.

Here's how it works

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    Register by sending us your company information using the form to the right.

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    We’ll contact you to discuss your recruiting needs and develop a customized process to get you started.

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    We will provide you with numerous touch points and communication opportunities with potential candidates to share information about your organization, upcoming positions, etc.

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    We’ll inform our top students about your opportunities as they arise, prescreen the resumes, and then forward you interested candidates who match your criteria.

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    You select the students you'd like to contact and begin the interview process.


We are currently running a free pilot of the pratiyogi Careers Program. Get in contact with us today and kick-start your recruiting pipeline as a pilot partner.

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